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How to play Video Poker different games following basic strategy

How to play Video Poker games online

If a person loves games of chance and cards, he can combine both of these entertainments and learn how to play Video Poker. Actually, it will be an “alternative” to gaming machines than need only luck and table games requiring skills.

How to play Video Poker online

This game looks very similar to popular slot machines but works with a completely different software and algorithm. Typically, these Poker machines allow between 1 and 5 coins to be wagered. Certain video poker variants pay more when playing with 5 coins. When the game starts, 5 cards are dealt with the player and the player should keep the cards that have a certain value. The rest of the cards can be returned. Players can return all cards or keep them all depending on how they rate them and what they think is right. Many online Video Poker variants have their own unique paytables that will also help a beginner to get the ABCs of how to play Video Poker.

Basic strategy in Video Poker

Depending on the first 5 cards received, the player has the following options:

  • When no winning combination or no high card comes, he should return all cards;
  • If the player has a high card, he keeps it and returns the other cards;
  • With two high cards he returns the remaining cards;
  • If he has 2 cards that are part of a Royal flush, the player must keep them;
  • With 3 cards from a Royal Flush, he takes the risk, keep it and return the remaining 2 ones.

Learning how to play Video Poker, never swap a Flush, a Full House, a Straight: all who play Video Poker casino games are waiting for these hands.

Different forms of Video Poker

There are two main types of this game. One variation includes ordinary Video Poker games with a usual paytable, while the other has a progressive jackpot, and those who wish to know how to play casino Video Poker games must consider both of them. There are also other sub-forms of this game with Wild symbols, multi-hand or multi-play video poker games. The most common is the first variation mentioned above, the rules of which are always the same. What is sometimes different here are the paytables and winning conditions, which vary depending on the type. Here is an overview of the popular variations with tips on how to play Video Poker and win.

Jacks or Better

Jacks or Better is also considered the standard game variant. As the name suggests, a pair of Jacks is the lowest winning hand that pays. Jacks or Better is a great way to compare the paytable with other variations.

Tens or Better

It is almost the same as Jacks or Better. Tens or Better only has a different payout when it comes to Full House or Flush payouts, but that’s pretty much the only difference. Tens or Better has a higher win rate than Jacks or Better because of a higher win rate, but the RTP is inconspicuously different.

Deuces Wild

Deuces here (“2”s) play the role of Wilds, which replaces all other cards for the highest possible winning combination that can be obtained with the cards in the player’s hand.

Actually, there are dozens of the games of this type, and when a player is going to learn how to play Video Poker in detail, he should try all of them and work out his Video Poker strategy.

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